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The Woody Guthrie Center: A Mandatory Tourist Spot in Tulsa

The Woody Guthrie Center, found in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was created to commemorate a famous musician named Woody Guthrie. It was built in 2013 to celebrate his life and showcase an era of folk music. Complete with archives and exhibits about the folk singer and other regional displays, it is a must-visit attraction.

Woody Guthrie Center

History of the Center

The Guthrie Center was the work of Nora Guthrie in collaboration with the George Kaiser Family Foundation. Since it is a non-profit organization, the center’s main objective has been to continue the legacy of Woody Guthrie by creating the first music school for his children and grandchildren. It is also located at the Brady Arts District, a referred to one of the most noteworthy destinations in the area.

The Woody Guthrie Center is not only recognized for its uniqueness, but also for its vast exposition of memorabilia and artifacts about the singer. Hand-written lyrics, personal letters, rare photographs, and musical instruments are a few items from the center’s impressive collection of memorabilia.

A period which greatly influenced Guthrie’s song writing is the centre piece of an exhibit about the Dust Bowl Era, which you may already be aware of from American history. This display is also a sobering reminder of the Great Depression, as some of Guthrie’s music references the struggles of that time.

– The Guthrie Archives has more than 10,000 records related to Guthrie’s life and career.

– Education programs and seminars are held at the center to advance social activism through music.

– The center also holds regular concerts and events featuring upcoming artists.

One of the most popular exhibits is based on the song “This Land Is Your Land”.  It is an award winning series that shows the life of Guthrie in a series landscape journey where his music highlighted shifting beliefs on political activism and social justice.